GolfHQ Midland

Club Trade-In

Don’t let your old clubs sit and collect dust! You can bring them to us and trade them in toward the purchase of a new set of clubs. We will give you the best price available for your old clubs. It’s easy to trade your clubs in, just follow the guidelines outlined below.

Golf HQ Midland will only accept club trade-ins if they meet those requirements. Bags will not be considered for trade-in.

Club Trade-In Requirements:

Used Clubs Must Be:

  • Pro-line clubs
  • No more than 5 years old
  • In good condition

Trade-Ins Clubs Must Not:

  • Have small heads
  • Have wooden heads
  • Be a “knock-off” or counterfeit club
  • Be more than two seasons old
  • Be extraordinarily custom such as: excessive length, too short, stiff, or any other extraordinary modifications

Additional Terms:

When a price is agreed upon for the used equipment, the trade-in value will be subtracted from the price of new equipment purchases in the store of Golf HQ Midland.

All trade-ins are bound by the terms at the time of the transaction. Golf HQ Midland reserves the right to amend, cease, and/or temporarily suspend the trade-in program at any time and without notice.

Even if the requirement listed above are met, Golf HQ Midland reserves the right to refuse a trade-in based on a variety of reasons at our discretion.